Our experts have been making superb bicycle cleaning & lubrication products for decades.


Made in the UK, the PURE range is aimed at bikers who demand serious performance from their bike maintenance products. If the way you treat the Earth is as important to you as the way you treat your bike, PURE Bike Lube and cleaners are the natural choice.

With only a little re-formulation we’ve been able to make a range that not only performs really well, it’s totally environmentally friendly. While it may be a little more expensive (environmental products seem to be more expensive to make – why is that?) we appreciate some might prefer it that way.

Everything we make maximises the use of sustainable ingredients derived from natural and renewable resources 100% free from petroleum based solvents.

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"Finding an environmentally friendly bike-cleaning product is always music to my ears. With its price and environmental credentials, it makes a good addition to any bike cleaning kit."

− Cycling Weekly

"Once again the clever peeps at Weldtite have done it again and come out with a great range of products that don’t break the bank, work really well and now are kind to this dear old planet of ours. What more can you ask for?"

− Hardtail Nation

"The real question of course, is when it runs out, will I buy some more? The answer is a definite "yes". It does what a chain lube is supposed to do. I have to buy chain lube, and the fact that it is that bit better for the environment makes it top of the shopping list. I'll even be trying some of the other products in the Pure range."

− Muddy Web