Product Code: 03401

PURE Bike Wash brings a sparkle back to paintwork and polished metal parts of your beloved ride. It’s 100% acid free and yet has the power of acid-based cleaners. It leaves a brilliant finish and is completely safe to use on paintwork of all types.

"It leaves a clean sparkle with no film left behind and is completely safe on all paint and metal parts of your baby. You can rest at night knowing you are cleaning your bike just as well as acid-based cleaners without damaging our environment. Let’s face it, you want to enjoy that beautiful trail on your next ride!"

− The Bike Habit

"In short, awesome bike wash, if it can clean my work bike, it can clean anything…mud? Go hide, Pure Bike Wash is coming…..and it's eco friendly, so if I want to wash my bike in the vegetable patch…I can."

− Marie Brown